In collaboration with biologists and medical researchers, the lab-on-a-chip team at the University of Hull has undertaken extensive work to demonstrate the maintenance of patient-derived tissue biopsies on-chip. In this context, the Pamme Group at Hull is currently working on:

Precision cut tissue slices for longitudinal studies of therapy based on tissue imaging and effluent analysis. Current projects involve liver, lung, gut and brain tissue (ongoing). We are also carrying out COMSOL modelling to investigate oxygen transport inefficiencies through such tissue slices.

tissue on chip modelling

Wound-on-a-Chip as a model for mechanistic wound healing and therapy development – the University of Hull is funding a cluster of PhD students on Advanced Wound Care – from novel therapies to clinical trials in collaboration with Smith & Nephew who are a locally based but global player in wound management.

 Selected References:


  • Martin G. Christensen, Chris Cawthorne, Charlotte E. Dyer, John Greenman, Nicole Pamme,  Investigation of oxygen transport efficiencies in precision-cut liver slice-based organ-on-a-chip devices, microTAS 2017.