pathogen analysis

IFAST for pathogen analysis

We have applied the technique of immiscible filtration assisted by surface tension (IFAST) to magnetically capture and isolate pathogen DNA from urine and stool samples for analysis of STDs and infection. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Dr Kirsty Shaw at Manchester Metropolitan University.

IFAST - stool samples

In a project supported by the Newton Fund in collaboration with Dr Jesse Gitaka at Mount Kenya University (Kenya) we have developed an IFAST device for fast analysis of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in urine samples. Combining the specificity of immunomagnetic separation and the sensitivity of the subsequent adenosine triphosphate (ATP) assay with bioluminescence, we were able to isolate and detect GBS cells from spiked patient samples – aiming towards point-of-care diagnostics for maternal health in resource limited settings. 

Pathogen analysis in raw meat samples

We have also carried out a research project in collaboration with diagnostics company bioMérieux on pathogen analysis in meat samples such as chicken and beef as well as blood samples using magnetophoresis and acoustophoresis to isolate and pre-concentrate pathogens.

Microsoft Word - aca_234464_Graphical abstracts    food pathogens - acoustophoresis principle

Pathogen analysis for veterinary diagnostics

In a project support by the Commonwealth Scholarships programme, we are working on pathogen analysis for veterinary diagnostics employing colorimetric assays in paper microfluidic devices.

Asif - figure 2

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