• Pablo Rodriguez Mateos
    Lab on a Chip for Pathogen Analysis
  • Ping He
    Clinical Radiopharmaceutical Production
    MRC-funded with Prof. SJ Archibald (Biochemical Sciences) and Andy Beavis (Head of Radiation Physics/ Radiotherapy at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Bachelor and Exchange students 

  • Iris Hättestrand
    Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices (PADs) for in situ sensing of carbonate levels
    BSc research project, Stockholm University.
  • Lucia Crespo
    Hybrid materials for environmental sensing, (main supervisor with Jiayin Yuan).
    ERASMUS student at Stockholm University
  • Samuel Wulfert
    Sorting of microalgae populations through lab-on-a-chip-based separation platforms
    ERASMUS student at Stockholm University

PG students 

  • Zakia Tebetyo
    Development of a mycotoxin sensor and analysis workflow in resource-limited settings
    (co/supervisor with Mark Lorch, Leigh Madden and Samantha Richardson)
    Commonwealth Scholarship (Uganda/UK).
  • Louis Plunkett
    Microfluidics for electroanalytical biosensing 
    (main supervisor, with Leigh Madden and Olga Efremova)
    University of Hull studentship
  • Mila Sari
    Mapping heavy metal pollution in river water with paper-based devices through citizen science
    (main supervisor, with Prof. Mark Lorch and Dr Will Mayes)
    Hull PhD cluster – Sensing and Safeguarding the Water Environment
  • Samira Alhinai
    Paper-microfluidics for environmental analysis
    (main supervisor, with Prof. Mark Lorch)
    Oman Ministry of Eductation
  • Vincent Nail
    Development of clinical radiochemistry tools for dose-on-demand PET
    (co-supervisor, with Prof. Steve J Archibald)
    PET Healthcare Technologies Cluster, University of Hull studentship
  • Emily Pyne
    Lab-on-a-chip platform for detection of early metastasis biomarkers
    (co-supervisor with Dr Isabel Pires)
    Biomarkers for Earlier Diagnosis of Chronic Disease Cluster, University of Hull studentship
  • Bradley Doyle
    Novel synthesis methods for the production of human circulating metabolites of natural products
    (co-supervisor with Dr Huw Jones
    Natural Product Pharmacology Cluster, University of Hull studentship
  • Kamil Talar
    Wound-on-a-Chip – a new model for mechanistic wound healing and therapy development
    (main-supervisor, with Prof. Matthew Hardman)
    Advanced Wound Care Cluster, University of Hull studentship
  • Beverly Andrews, Label-free Optical Biosensors for Real-Time Cell Imaging (main supervisor, with Dr Leigh Madden and Dr Ruchi Gupta)

Some of our team members at microTAS 2019 in Basel.