fabrication facility

At Stockholm University we have set up a Lab-on-a-Chip Fabrication Facility. We offer design and fabrication of microfluidic devices from glass, rigid polymers and elastomers as well as paper microfluidic devices to researchers across the University and beyond.

Facilities include:

  • precision CNC milling (Datron M8CUBE)
  • hot press (Collin P200 PM)
  • laser cutter (HPC Laser, Laserscript 6840)
  • plasma etcher (Henniker HPT300)
  • 3D printers (Ultimaker & SLA)
  • blister making machine (Sephia T501)
  • cold laminator (Jetmounter JM18), and wax printer (Xerox 8580).

If you are interested in discussing collaborations involving microfluidic chip design and fabrication, please contact:

Dr Alex Iles
Stockholm University
Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK)
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

email: alexander.iles@mmk.su.se,    phone: +46 (0)8 161291

Examples of glass microfluidic devices

Alex - catalaysis chip 3   Lab on a Chip UOH_7280 copy 2

CNC milling machine and examples of milled metal, glass and plastic

CNC machine   example-of-milled-pieces.jpg

Injection moulder and examples of injection moulded devices

injection moulder  example-of-moulded-pieces.jpg

Examples of paper microfluidic devices

paper device  Asif paper device