materials chemistry

High surface-to-volume ratios and penetration distances make lab-on-a-chip devices favourable for photochemistry applications.

In collaboration with Dr Theoni Georgiou at Imperial College London, we have performed photopolymerisation in droplet microfluidics to generate amphiphilic hydrogels as drug delivery vesciles.

droplet polymerisation - scheme   droplet - microgels.png


In a project with Prof. Vesco Paunov, we have developed a flow cell onto which cyanobacteria were immobilised and maintained and achieved efficient hydrogen generation under illumination.

biohydrogen - scheme biohydrogen - chip photo biohydrogen - immobilised algae.png


In collaboration with Prof. Ross Boyle, we have utilised photochemistry for the controlled generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by immobilisation of photosensitisers such as porphyrins on the channel walls and studied the effect on chemical oxidation reactions and biological cells.

porphyrins   phorphyrins 2



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