former PhD and Masters students 

  • Samantha Richardson, Dip Stick-based Analysis for Environmental Pollution Monitoring, (co-supervisor, with Prof. Mark Lorch), Sullied Sediments project, EU Interreg North Sea Region Programme.
  • Eqbal Alshammari, Biosensor for electrochemical readout of drugs (main supervisor, with Leigh Madden), MRes Scholarship, KuwaitLydia Baldwin, Interrogating Interplay between Gut and Brain in a Lab-on-a-Chip Platform, co-supervisor, with Dr Charlotte E. Dyer and Prof. John Greenman), Allam studentship
  • Polly Sanders, Microfluidics and 3D Printing of Functional Composites, (co-supervisor, with Prof Jia Min Chin)
  • Nasr AlamraniLabel-free Optical Biosensors with Aptamer Recognition Elements
    (co-supervisor, with Prof. Gillian Greenway and Dr Ruchi Gupta)
  • Martin Gedsted Christensen, Personalised Medicine: a Lab-on-a-Chip Platform for the Maintenance and Real-Time Analysis of Patient Tissues
    (main supervisor, with Prof. John Greenman, Dr Charlotte E. Dyer and Dr Chris Cawthorne)
  • Thomas Collins, Developing a novel spheroid-on-chip microfludic device for investigations into metastasis, (co-supervisor, with Dr Isabel Pires)
  • Rana Al-ShemaryLabel-free Optical Biosensors for cell expression analysis
    (main supervisor with Prof. Gillian Greenway and Dr Ruchi Gupta)
  • Asif Muhammad, Microfluidic Paper-based Assays for Veterinary Diseases (main supervisor), Commonwealth Scholarship scheme
  • Bingyuan Lu – Amphiphilic Microgel Synthesis for Drug Delivery (co-supervisor with Dr Theoni K. Georgiou)
  • Ali AlOrabi – On-chip Assembly of Drug and Reagent Delivery Vesicles (main supervisor, with Prof. Vesco Paunov)
  • Addison Marshall – Plasmonic Nano-Sensors with Ultra-High Detecting and Identifying Molecules Capabilities (co-supervisor, with Dr Ali Adawi)
  • Zahra Ghobaei-Namhil – Nanogap Bio-Sensors for DNA Analysis (co-supervisor, with Dr Neil Kemp)
  • Zeid Oiaidha – Development of a Portable Device for Monitoring Toxic Organic Compounds in the Environment (co-supervisor, with Prof. Gillian Greenway)
  • Hayley Bignell – Novel Diagnostic 64Cu and 68Ga PET Radiotracers: from Microfluidic Synthesis to Imaging (co-supervisor, with Prof. Steve Archibald)
  • Kapiraj Chandrabalan – A Microfluidics Approach to Studying the Role of Oxidative Stress in Cellular Transformation and Disease Induction (co-supervisor, with Prof. Ross Boyle and Prof. John Greenman)
  • Anupam Das – Bio-hydrogen Production by using Artificial Symbiotic Biofilms of Cyanobacteria (co-supervisor, with Prof. Vesco Paunov)
  • Mohammad Chowdhury – Engineering Design for Miniature Biochemical Analysis Systems (co-supervisor, with Dr Ian Bell)
  • Chayakom Phurimsak – Clinical Diagnostics in Continuous Flow (main supervisor)
  • Rachel Smith – On-Chip Synthesis of Anti-Cancer Drugs (co-supervisor, with Prof. Steve Archibald)
  • Emily Lumley – Development of a Microfluidic Device for the In Situ Production of Singlet Oxygen for Chemical and Biological Applications (co-supervisor, with Prof. Ross Boyle and Dr Charlotte Dyer)
  • Francesco de Leonardis – Microfluidic Modules for Pre-Concentration of [18F]Fluoride in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Radiotracer Synthesis (main supervisor, with Prof. Paul Watts)
  • Martin Vojtisek – Magnetic Manipulation of Particles for Microfluidic Continuous Flow Processes (main supervisor)
  • Mark D Tarn – Continuous Flow Processes on Single Magnetic and Diamagnetic Particles in Microfluidic Devices (main supervisor)
  • Entesar Al Hetlani – Generation and Manipulation of Magnetic Droplets in Microfluidic Devices (co-supervisor, with Prof. Gillian Greenway and Dr Kevin Welham)
  • Sally A Peyman – Bioanalysis on Single Magnetic Particles (main supervisor)

PostDoctoral Fellows

  • Bongkot Ngamsom
    Covid-19 Point-of-care Testing in resource-limited settings,
    Newton Prize project with Dr Jesse Gitaka at Mount Kenya University (Thika, Kenya) (20192022)
  • Lydia Baldwin
    Point-of-use sensing of water quality
    Community for Analytical Measurement Sciences (CAMS) (20202021)
  • Bongkot Ngamsom
    Water Quality Monitoring in Resource Poor Environments, Nov. 2015 – Oct. 2016, Newton Fund, British Council (main supervisor).
  • Mark D. Tarn
    Lab-on-a-chip based analysis of radiopharmaceuticals, Sep. 2014 – July 2016, Daisy Charity / HEIF (main supervisor)
  • Ping He
    Lab-on-a-Chip based synthesis of PET radiopharmaceuticals, July 2011 – Nov 2017,  Daisy Charity / HEIF (co-supervisor) and
    Clinical Radiopharmaceutical Production
    MRC-funded with Prof. SJ Archibald (Biochemical Sciences) and Andy Beavis (Head of Radiation Physics/ Radiotherapy at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust) (20182022)
  • Nasr Esfahani
    Manufacturing of integrated synthesis and analysis platforms for PET radiopharma-ceuticals, Aug. 2014 – July 2016, , Daisy Charity / HEIF (co-supervisor)
  • Bongkot Ngamsom
    Network for Innovation and Learning on Microreactor Technology, 2014 – Mar. 2015, EU-FP7 (main supervisor)
  • Bongkot Ngamsom
    Microbial purification on-chip from industrial matrices, Sep. 2013 – Mar. 2014, industrial sponsor (main supervisor)
  • Martin Vojtisek
    Development of a rapid multiplex Lab on a Chip system for detection of 10 STI pathogens using Biochip Array Technology, Feb. 2013 – Jan. 2014, Technolgoy Strategy Board (co-supervisor)
  • Emily Lumley
    Network for Innovation and Learning on Microreactor Technology
    , 2013 – Aug. 2013, EU-FP7 (main supervisor)
  • Mark D. Tarn
    Microscale radiopharmaceutical synthesis, Sep. 2012 – 2013, EU-FP7 (main supervisor).
  • Maria Lopez-Martinez
    Pathogen detection in food-stocks using on-chip isolation and separation methods
    , Jan 2012 – Aug. 2013, industrial sponsor (main supervisor)
  • Cordula Kemp
    Identification on-chip of sexually transmitted infected based on urine analysis”,
     Jan 2011 – Dec 2013, Technology Strategy Board (co-supervisor)
  • Mark D. Tarn
    Purification module for radiotracer synthesis utilising solid phase extraction methods
    , Feb. – July 2011, (EU-FP7 (main supervisor).
  • Victoria Hammond
    On-chip synthesis of FDG and other PET radiopharmaceuticals
    , Oct 2008 – Sep 2011, EU-FP7 (co-supervisor)